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Kanye West Live!

Kanye West joins Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D., and Pharell Williams Live on Stage at Red Rock!

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Roseanne is Domestic Desert Goddess!

Roseanne Barr Laughs it up in a new comedy show at the Sahara in Las Vegas!

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Vida Las Vegas!

Las Vegas heats up as Model Vida Guerra hosts Pure Nightclub!

Robbie Knievel Volcano VIDEO!

Posted on January 1st, 2009 in Mirage by vegaslate

Robbie Knievel Volcano VIDEO

VIDEO! Watch the video of Robbie Knievel jump over near the Mirage Las Vegas volcano on New Years Eve. Knievel doesn’t jump the volcano. He jumps near it.

So what’s the point?


Pretty embarrassing. And where was the crowd?

If you went to see this and missed the Paris Hotel’s stunt, than you made a mistake. For the Paris jump:


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Robbie Maddison Paris VIDEO!

Posted on January 1st, 2009 in Paris Hotel by vegaslate

Robbie Maddison Paris VIDEO

VIDEO! Watch video of Robbie Maddison’s jump at the Paris Hotel Las Vegas New Years Eve!

Robbie Maddison jumped his motorbike jump onto the The Paris Arc in Las Vegas.


He jumped onto the Arc de Triomphe, 96 feet up, and then dropped 40 feet to the ground safely. Some injuries may been suffered, says Robbie.

Definitely don’t try this at home!

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Las Vegas McCarran Airport SNOW!

Posted on December 17th, 2008 in McCarran Airport by vegaslate

Las Vegas Airport McCarran Airport SNOW

VEGASLATE has the latest news from Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport and the snow hitting the airport tonight. Las Vegas McCarran Airport is reporting open but warning snow may cause individual flights to delay or be canceled.

However the Las Vegas Sun is reporting itself the following cancellations:

“United Airlines and JetBlue canceled all flights late this afternoon and into the early evening. Virgin America, U.S. Airways, Southwest, Frontier, Continental, American, Allegiant and Alaska airlines were among others with cancellations.”

Reports state that between 3 and 4 pm FAA stopped flights from departing.

Says McCarran: “Snowfall and poor visibility have greatly reduced the airlines’ ability to conduct normal flight operations”.

Visibility, rather than snow on the ground, is causing delays. Claims the Sun: “The FAA does not plan to lift the ground stop at McCarran until it stops snowing, FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said.”

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Phil Ruffin Treasure Island!

Posted on December 15th, 2008 in MGM,Mirage,Phil Ruffin,Treasure Island by vegaslate

Phil Ruffin Treasure Island

Phil Ruffin has bought Treasure Island! Phil Ruffin has bought Las Vegas hotel and casino Treasure Island from MGM Mirage moments ago. Phil Ruffin paid $500 million in cash.

Ruffin made the purchase through his his company Ruffin Acquisition LLC. Treasure Island was part of the MGM Mirage portfolio since MGM Grand bought Mirage Resorts in 2000.

The value of the deal – reportedly $775 million.

MGM is expected to make a “substantial gain”. The deal will close in Q2 2009.

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OJ Simpson Sentence!

Posted on December 5th, 2008 in OJ Simpson by vegaslate

OJ Simpson Sentence

OJ Simpson’s sentence is in – 15 years! OJ Simpson’s sentencing is less than sought by prosecutors. OJ Simpson’s sentence had a possibility of life in prison.

Prosecutors wanted 18, Simpson wanted 6 years. Simpson will out in six years on parole. The case stemmed from an armed robbery of memorabilia dealers at the Palace Station Hotel in Las Vegas in September 2007.

The prosecutor said today the following:

“It could have been a lot worse. He’s the person who ruined so many lives.”

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OJ Simpson Sentencing!

Posted on December 5th, 2008 in OJ Simpson by vegaslate

OJ Simpson Sentencing

The OJ Simpson sentencing – 6 years or life in prison? A Las Vegas court rendering sentencing for OJ Simpson today decides for Simpson if minimum or maximum sentencing is appropriate.

Simpson’s team believes minimum 6 years, the prosecutor wants life in prison.

The events unfolded in the Palace Station hotel has left Simpson still seeking appeal despite today’s sentencing.

His attorney tells press in advance of the ruling shortly:

“O.J. comes into court with a lot of baggage. Even though he was acquitted in the mid-’90s, the public perception is that he did it.”

His team thinks the 18 years to life being sought is inappropriate, calling that sentencing request “of a hardened criminal mind.”

Click here for the story now.


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Caroline Caz Pal PHOTOS!

Posted on November 28th, 2008 in Caroline Caz Pal,Michael Phelps,Moon Nightclub,Palms Hotel by vegaslate

Caroline Caz Pal PHOTOS

PICTURES! Here are photos of Caroline Caz Pal, Michael Phelps’ reported girlfriend. Caroline Caz Paul of Palms Moon Nightclub Las Vegas joined boyfriend Michael Phelps for Thanksgiving, says reports.

Caroline Caz Pal Pictures

Caroline Caz Pal Photo 2
Caroline Caz Pal Photo 3
Caroline Caz Pal Photo 4
Caroline Caz Pal Photo 5

Caroline Caz Pal Photo 6
Caroline Caz Pal Photo 7
Caroline Caz Pal Photo 8
Caroline Caz Pal Photo 9
Caroline Caz Pal Photo 10
Caroline Caz Pal Photo 11


Caroline Caz Pal Birthday Flier

People claims “The Olympic champ has been dating Las Vegas cocktail waitress Caroline “Caz” Pal, 26, for about two months. … Along with dating Pal, a waitress at the Palms Casino Resort’s Moon Nightclub, Phelps is spending time in Vegas working on his poker game.”

The mag says Pal joined Phelps’ family Thanksgiving week in Baltimore, a first time visit with Phelps’ family.

Caz appeared in an undated photo shown above and again below for Moon Nightclub. Moon hosted Caz’s birthday with the title “Champagne Seduction – A birthday celebration for Caz”.

On the web: People Magazine

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